• King Air / Seating Solutions

    King Air Econo Airline Style High Density Commuter Seat

    "Econo" King Air High Density Airline Style Commuter Seat with Wide Back. We are not aware of a single structural failure of an AvFab Econo Seat. That's especially impressive when considering they are in world-wide service in extremely demanding ... details

  • King Air / Seating Solutions

    King Air 2 Place Divan

    Nothing transforms a King Air interior like a side-facing divan! Our 2-Place King Air Divan is also popular for medical attendant and Special Missions applications. In many cases, 32-0152 will allow you to accommodate additional passengers. Divan kits in ... details

  • Cessna / Exterior Solutions

    Cessna 340 Tail Cone Stinger

    The Avfab fiberglass Tailcone Stinger is built to provide customers with a value and quality-oriented product. The original Cessna ABS Stinger has a tendency to deform and crack, which is the result of poor resistance to UV rays and solvents. If you've eve ... details

  • Citation / Seating Solutions

    Citation 3 place Divan

    Nothing will transform your Citation cabin interior and provide a more modern, open feeling than a divan. Increase the utility and functionality of your Citation with this 3 place side facing divan. Whether you need to add one or more passengers, open up ... details

  • Hawker / Seating Solutions

    Hawker 3 Place Divan, LH Aft

    Nothing transforms an interior like a side-facing divan! Divans provide an modern, open, comfortable atmosphere and in many cases, will allow you to accommodate additional passengers. ... details

  • Beechcraft / Component Repair

    Beechcraft Seat Recline Gear

    Does you seat fail to hold position due to worn or broken gear teeth? AvFab's Beechcraft Seat Recline Gear is a FAA/PMA Approved direct replacement for the OEM gear at a fraction of OEM cost. Replaces Beechcraft part # 60-530041-1 ... details

  • Beechcraft / Stretchers

    Beechcraft 36 Bonanza 58 Baron Stretcher

    The stretcher kit provides a Beechcraft 36 Bonanza or 58 Baron operator with the option of transporting an ill or non-critical patient. The kit was designed as an economical alternative to complete medevac systems. This unit is ideal for those operators wh ... details