• King Air / Seating Solutions

    King Air 1 Place Divan

    AvFab's one place King Air side facing divan is extremely versatile. Can be installed alone or several can be placed alongside each other. Divans provide an modern, open and comfortable atmosphere. In many cases, this will allow you to accommodate additi ... details

  • King Air / Seating Solutions

    King Air Econo Airline Style High Density Commuter Seat

    "Econo" King Air High Density Airline Style Commuter Seat with Wide Back. We are not aware of a single structural failure of an AvFab Econo Seat. That's especially impressive when considering they are in world-wide service in extremely demanding ... details

  • Citation / Cabin Upgrades

    Citation Toilet Seat Kit, Flushing

    These units are perfect for Citation operators who desire to remove the toilet from the aft section of the aircraft, especially those who are installing an aft couch. ... details

  • Cessna / Seating Solutions

    Cessna 150 152 Child Seat

    Installation of this Cessna 150 152 Child Seat kit permits a pilot to carry children without having to purchase the next-sized larger airplane. All of the necessary hardware, seat belt (TSO-C22f), components, and instructions (with diagrams) are included t ... details

  • Citation / Stretchers

    Cessna Citation Stretcher Kit

    The stretcher kit provides a Cessna Citation operator with the option of transporting an ill or non-critical patient. The kit was designed as an economical alternative to complete medevac systems. This unit is ideal for those operators who don't need criti ... details

  • Cessna / Exterior Solutions

    Cessna 340 Tail Cone Stinger

    The Avfab fiberglass Tailcone Stinger is built to provide customers with a value and quality-oriented product. The original Cessna ABS Stinger has a tendency to deform and crack, which is the result of poor resistance to UV rays and solvents. If you've eve ... details

  • Citation / Component Repair

    Citation Seat Repair Kit, Aft Facing

    The AvFab Seat Cessna Citation Repair Kit was designed to provide an FAA Approved repair to Citation I and II series passenger seats that actually upgrades the seat structure to “stronger than new”. Many of the original seat frames are cracked and even ... details

  • Citation / Seating Solutions

    Citation 1 Place Lounge Seat Extension

    A must have product for any Citation I operator! This kit is designed to take advantage of the unutilized space between the right hand lounge seat and the seat behind it which faces aft. It can be installed when the passenger load requires an additional se ... details