AvFab Receives STC/PMA for King Air 300 series Window Shades!

AvFab is pleased to announce FAA STC approval #SA01672WI on 7.16.20 for the installation of our Regal Pleated Window Shades in 300, B300 and 350 King Airs! You now have a cost-effective option to replace your factory polarizers!

We have documented a 10+ deg. F decrease in cabin temps as the shades can remain closed on the ramp unlike the OEM polarizers.

Kit includes everything necessary to convert an aircraft from Polarizers to the AvFab Regal window shades. Total weight is 2.2 pounds per window. Installation time KA300 – 35 hours per ship set, B300 (350) – 45 hours per ship set depending on the installation facility’s experience-level with window shades. STC also covers 90 and 200 series.

Link avfab.com/products/view/king-ai … ow-shades/

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